Banter (Aflame Muscle Banter) was orignally a member of the Azure Blood Clan and an antagonist. After the death of his older brother he joined Tyr's mercenaries and became a major protagonist of the series.


Though initially depicted as arrogant, hot-headed, and mean, since joining Tyr's mercenaries Banter has shown that he is calm, knowledgable, and honorable. Banter shows respect towards Tyr as the leader of their and has great loyalty to him. However, because Tyr is still young he often has to reprimand him for his immaturity and make him take his role as leader seriously. Banter idolised brother and his death saddened him greatly. His brother's death also caused Banter to hate anything involving the Hellion's power.


Banter is a big and muscular man, with dark skin and a mohawk. He wears large armored shoulder gaurds with tubes that connect to the brace on his back which is also connected to his torso armor. He also has white non-fingered gloves, black pants, and large white boots. Banter has two screw shaped piercings on the sides of his forehead.


As a warrior class mercenary Banter is able to use warrior techniques. Given his epithet Banter's techniques are
  • Fire Blast
  • Fire Blast (Explosion)
  • Fire Storm Palm
  • Fiery Orb + Triple Blast Sphere
  • Triple Blast Sphere (attack)
fire based. In addition to his techniques Banter has incredible strength seeing as how he was able to forcefully restrain the Hellion Monster, making him the strongest physically of Tyr's Mercenaries.


Fire Blast - Banter ignites his mace's head with flames then strikes his opponent causing an explosion upon impact.

Fire Storm Palm - by super heating his palm with fire Banter causes whatever he touches to burst into flames.

Fiery Orb - an orb of fire surrounds the head of Banter's mace. This technique is used to set up for Triple Blast Sphere.

Triple Blast Sphere - using the power from Fiery Orb Banter strikes his opponent three consecutive times with his mace.


Banter's only weapon is a large double headed mace with spikes on each end. It is depicted as very heavy
Legend-of-tyr-1494143 (1)

Banter's Mace

because Banter tossed it to a mercenary who was fighting with Tyr and it knocked him ounconscious.