Isabel is a young girl who is actually a Balrag (Beast-Man). Isabel is orginally apart of the Animal Protection Group which was made by her and of which she is the only member. She joins Tyr's Mercenaries after they help her defeat the Dark Mage.


Isabel has a very strong willed and comanding personality. She will act like she is the leader of Tyr's Mercenaries and even sometimes refers to it as the Animal Protection Group rather than it's actual name. She tends to butt head with Tyr when they have disagreements or one of them tries to lead the group instead of the other. Isabel is very protective of animals and she will not hesitate to fight anyone who harms them. Though for some creatures like the Chimera even she is afraid of. Isabel is very knowledgable about magic, buffers, and all types of creatures, being able to decipher what something is just by looking at it. She shows signs of having a crush on tyr.



Isabel is a mage which means she is able to use magic. Her magic is slow and unintimidating but it is powerful.
  • Lightning Ball
  • Isabel's Balrag Form
  • Isabel Chanting a spell in Balrag form
  • Isabel using magic in Balrag form


Lightning Ball - a magic spell that creates a tiny, slow moving ball of lightning that incinerates what ever it touches.

Transformation - Isabel is able to transform into a Balrag at will. In this form she inhumanly strong and fast, even her magical power is increased. She is strong enough to defeat the Dark Mages enhanced Balrag.


Isabel uses a magic staff to cast spells as her main weapon. She also has smoke bombs.
  • Isabel's Magic Staff
  • Smoke Bomb