Jin (Wind Fin Jin) was orignally a member of the Azure Blood Clan and an antagonist. When Banter joined Tyr's mercenaries he followed out of loyalty to his friend and became a major protagonist of the series.


Jin has a very laid back and sarcastic personality. This shows how he prefers to laugh at the rest of his group's wild behavior instead of joining in. He often likes tease both Tyr and Banter when they mess up or just to embarrass them. Like Banter, Jin also tends to remind Tyr to take his role as leader seriously and gives him advice when he needs it. Jin is very loyal to Tyr and Banter showing how he's thrown himself in front of attacks meant for them on a number of occasions. Jin and Banter are long time friends.


Jin is the shortest member of Tyr's mercenaries with pale skin, spikey teeth, and black hair formed in a mohawk and slicked to the left side of his face. He wear a black sleeves onesie and large white boots. He has claw gauntlets on each arm which are padded up all the way to his shoulder. Jin wears goggles over his eyes: in the left socket there is a small opening in the shape of a vertical line and in the right socket the lense is black with a skull and crossbone in the center.


As a warrior class mercenary Jin is able to use warrior techniques. Jin specializes in quick cutting attacks with his claw gauntlets. He is also very good at stealth attacks being able to get behind his opponents and attacking before they notice.

  • Skull Cleaver
  • Bone Courtain Dance
  • Skeleton Blast


Skull/Skeleton Clever - Jin uses his claw gauntlets to cut his enemy. It's strong enough to cut off the Hellion Monster's arm.

Bone Courtain Dance - Jin moves his claw gauntlets around so fast it looks like they have multiplied. The effects of this move are not seen because the Hellion attacked Jin before he could complete it.

Skeleton Blast - Jin slashes his opponent in a cross shaped fashion.


Jin originally had claw gauntlets with extra blades along the arm plates. He has since removed the extra blades and maintained his standard claw gauntlets which has three long claw attached to the arm guard. Jin has shown to be quite skilled with his gauntlets and can cut through most things with them.